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Who is a hero to me?

by Nika Boštjančič from Ljubljana in Slovenia

Who is a hero to me?

I personally do not have a hero nor will I ever have one. I actually do not know why. Maybe because I do not want or need one. If I am honest I think that a word hero is pretty cheesy and overrated. I agree that a person has done something incredible but he or she is not a hero to me. Is just a person who has done something good for which I am really happy and proud. I really respect this kind of people. I, like I said, do not have a hero but people who inspire me. These persons can be someone I personally know or someone from the internet. They inspire me every single day. But why? Because they live a life I want to live. They have an awesome heart and personality are caring and successful and more and more. My “heroes” did not really do anything precise. They are just being themselves and that is why they inspire me. They are chasing their dreams and are working very hard every single day to maintain them. They are honest, loyal, wise, kindhearted and overall friendly. They inspire not only me but other people too. They make me want to be them and that is the main reason why they are source to my inspiration in life. I want to be better every day, just like them, be happier than yesterday, again just like them and many many other reasons why they make my life better with just being who they really are so I can live every single day being exactly who I am and not be ashamed of the true me and be rather proud for who I really am.

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