Essays on the Theme of Heroism

Who is my hero?

by Ava Frazier from Charlotte, NC


“Hard times don't create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed." Heroes are not people who save the world or wear a cape. Heroes can be in our everyday life, those who go through hard times and persevere. I personally have never thought, “Who is a hero in my life?” This took me a lot of thought, but I have come to a conclusion. My grandma is my hero--she possess a fighting spirit, has an unending love for the Lord, and is a true servant.


The trait that stands out to me the most is my grandma's fighting spirit. She has persevered through so many hard times. Growing up it was only my grandma, her older sister, and two older brothers. My grandma doesn't remember her dad because he died (from getting run over by a dump truck) when she was only 3. I could never imagine growing up without a dad. Then… as if that weren't enough, she lost her mom from a heart attack when she was only 12. This forced her older sister to fill her mom’s shoes and take care of my grandma, with the help of the two brothers. I think it is amazing that she even survived growing up without parents. Secondly, my grandma suffers from back pain, neck pain, and other debilitations. I often see Grammy in a bleak mood because of this. She still takes me and my untamable sisters places, which really shows perseverance. It really breaks my heart seeing her down. Lastly, my grandma endures an argumentative spouse. Often times, Grammy and Pop bicker. She also has not been treated with the respect that she deserves, but Grammy forgives him and keeps her head up high. Her endurance has been a very good example in my life.


The next trait--within anyone's scope of knowledge--is her love for the Lord. My grandma has been a stunning role model in this category. Thanking the Lord before she eats never slips her mind. I can be mid-chew on a chicken leg when she politely clears her throat to get my attention and reminds me to give thanks before I chow down. My grandma is also very involved in church, which can be hard in the hectic lives we live in. She keeps her Bible by her bed and does not let it get dusty. She often says, “I am going upstairs to read my Bible because I have not in a few days.” Grammy makes time to sit in God's word, despite all the other things she could be getting done. The last example is that she prays for our family every day. Knowing that she thinks about us, and picturing her stooping low to bend her knees on our behalf, puts a smile on my face. These acts of submission show her immense love for us and the Lord.


The last trait that I love about my grandma is her servant’s heart. First of all, my Grammy buys food for the children at church. Not all the children at her church are that fortunate, so her little breakfast is such a blessing. My grandma also cares enough to buy the type of cereal they like (the rip-off brand of chocolate cereal, aka "cocoa dyno bites"), and makes sure they get some every Sunday. Seeing Grammy leaning down and giving these children food just warms my heart. She says they gobble it down really quick. Second of all, my grandma buys decorations for her church. She doesn't just stop at buying the decorations, she then goes to the church and puts them up. Whether it is Christmas or Easter, I can look at the beautiful decorations and say, “My Grammy did that.” She is always willing to help decorate and clean the church. Third, my grandma came all the way down from West Virginia to take care of me when I was a baby. She did this for 9 months (with many trips back to West Virginia), so my mom could go back to work. Although she might have enjoyed seeing me, I am sure she was exhausted. I can see Grammy strolling me around in the stroller, and showing me off to everyone she meets. Lastly, Grammy helps and takes care of my 84-year-old great-aunt. My grandma loves on her and gets her things like blue bunny ice cream, medicine, strawberry milkshakes, and ham for sandwiches. This can be hard because the elderly can be kind of difficult, and we live in a very busy time. Grammy also pays some of her bills. My grandma still cares for her even though they are sisters-in-law. These amazing acts definitely show a servant's heart.


After doing this essay, I look at my grandma differently than before. I never realized how much of a hero she is in my life and in others'. I have also learned that there are many heroes in this world and that doing small things can still make you a hero. Grammy is an amazing example in all three categories: perseverance, undying dedication for the Lord, and being a helper. Seeing these numerous deeds makes me want to be more like her.


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