William (Bill) Hoover

by Margie Callison from Banning, California in United States

Bill is my hero because he's been there for me every day for the last 20 years. Sometimes we don't agree, but he's always there nonetheless. About two years ago I got out of bed and couldn't walk at all, so I was taken to the hospital, where Bill visited me every day. After the hospital I was sent to a rehab facility, where Bill continued to have lunch with me every single day. To this day we go to lunch every week and take turns paying the bill. I insist to pay because I can better afford it, but he relentlessly insists on paying. He drives me wherever I need to be, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, etc., and still insists on filling my car with gas. He has a harder time walking than me, but when we go out he helps me out, sets up my walker and brings it to me. With the little he has, he still won't take a dime from me, but does anything I need. We're like brother and sister, fight like cats and dogs, but he still loves me. I tell him he can't die before me because I can't live without him, but I genuinely don't know what I'd do without him. Just knowing he's always there, a call away, is a blessing in itself.

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