Window washers

by James R from montvale, New Jersey in United States

130221window washerspublic domainBy James Reed    

The Window Washers   



I bet you’ve seen window washers clean windows right? This time there are real life window washers that save the day, that cheer sick children when the heroes are cleaning windows at each room and saying hi and taking pictures with them. it is still happening today!  They are risk-takers to go up way high and say hello to them. 

The window washers started out as three regular people doing their business on buildings.  They decided to cheer up some kids by going to their window and saying hi to all those sick children.  They went to hospitals all over states, like Alabama, St. Petersburg Florida to hospitals called Waltham children's hospital, Motts children's hospital, and etc.  They were all in one team of a group to cheer them up. All three of them take pictures when they are done with their work cleaning each window of the hospital. They only do this once a year.  

The names behind these masked window cleaners were Steve Oszaniec and his son Danny Oszaniec, who both dressed up as Spiderman, and Jordan Emerson who dressed up as Captain America.  The meaning of all of this is because of how strong the kids are fighting back to every sickness they have and they will be healthy for the rest of their lives and they are counting on them to stay strong and will not be alone.  The Window Washers have accomplished so many things in their career that they were on the news and everybody loves them.

Not only is their job is to clean, but is to save children's lives because they are superheroes.  Window washers to window super washers. How good can it get!

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