Winston Churchill

by Josh Kenworthy from San Diego, California in United States

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential."

120141Winston Churchill https://en.wikipedia.orgDuring the second World War times were tough as Hitler’s regime was taking over Central Europe. One man stood out and inspired his people to fight back and ‘never ever ever give up.’ In this period of time those who stood up against great powers would be killed, yet Winston Churchill did not care. He motivated people without hope, people who were in fear, agony, and sorrow. Churchill saw the light within all the darkness during the war. Churchill believed in his country and knew that if they stand together they will never be defeated. Winston Churchill has faith and commitment to his country, making him a strong powerful character that could never be broken by even the toughest of times. Winston Churchill, the influential prime minister of England, fearlessly led his country through the second World War with his inspiring speeches, books, and articles. Churchill’s enthusiasm for his country gave his allies a boost of confidence to fight and win the war. By doing this, Winston Churchill is a hero to many and known by most. Churchill was vital for England to win one of the most important wars in all of history. Winston Churchill holds inspirational and powerful qualities because of his motivational spirit and his wildly famous writing ability during the second World War; therefore he is a hero.

120144Winston Churchill giving an inspiring speech to his troops Churchill is very inspiring. As World War Two was fought the Germans dominated and when things were looking like they would never get better Winston Churchill stood tall and fought on. Churchill wrote multiple books that were spread all across England and read by over four million people in the span of a year. Churchill talked about the strength of England and how no matter what challenges they faced if they stayed strong that together as a nation they would get through it. If someone were to prefer using words and making allies to fight a war rather than weapons he would be considered a fool and threat to their own side. “Churchill helped lead a successful Allied strategy with the U.S. and Soviet Union during World War II to defeat the Axis powers and craft post-war peace” (Prime Minister). Churchill by making these allies made people realize that fighting is not as important as staying together is. Having these allies made fighting the war easier because of the amount of people he had gotten together to fight for his side. By doing this Churchill had taught a valuable lesson about working together. Churchill’s tactics had proven that having people on your side is much more valuable than being solely strong and independent. Using words and changing the style of approach that military leaders took to war was one of the most inspiring changes ever made. ”His inspiring leadership during the following year in which Britain stood alone against Adolf Hitler (1889–1945) was crucial in preventing a Nazi victory in World War II" (Career). Winston Churchill had given his country hope even though Hitler’s regime was very powerful that if they stick together and fight as one they could overcome this power. Churchill’s inspiration was critical to Great Britain’s success in the second world war. If Churchill’s were not around to shine his ambition with England they may not have won the war or stood a chance against Germany at all. In times of darkness, Winston Churchill was a beacon of hope to all English citizens by encouraging them to stay positive. The courageous act of allocating his originality and inspiration with a country under a lot of pressure makes him a hero.


120145Winston Churchill being cheered for after talk of winning the war Churchill was a powerful man in his time. He was the prime minister of England and had written a couple of books that had gotten him much attention across the world. The English people loved how positive he stayed during the war, which gave him power over people because they would do what he said. Winston Churchill had all the power he could need in his hands to win the war. He could influence his people through writing or speech, but either way they would follow his command. “In 1953, Churchill was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. The same year, he was named the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature" (Minister). Churchill became wildly famous which gave him power over people because when someone becomes famous people tend to think of them as perfect. Thoughts like this can lead people to follow their idols every word. This gives Churchill the ability to control many people yet he always chose to do the right thing and work for them so they would return the favor. Churchill becoming a knight made people look up to him and view him as a higher being. This made him all the more powerful and influential than he already had been. Not changing his ways of leading and encouraging the people of England makes him a hero. Churchill had many followers and was very popular across the globe which enabled him to have control over people’s beliefs“ (Career). Churchill was different than lots of leaders surrounding him. His creative ideas were unique and appealed to citizens because of how positive he always was. Churchill was a very powerful man for his time. Using this power earned through many years of hard work for the good of his country makes him a hero.


Winston Churchill’s powerful and inspiring qualities he used to lead his country against Hitler’s regime during the second world war makes him a hero. Winston Churchill inspired millions of people with his constant struggle to win the war for his country. Churchill became a wildly famous man in the early 1900’s making him a very powerful man giving him control over tons of people. Winston Churchill is an inspiration that shows people to never give up and keep plugging through their challenges no matter how hard they may seem to be. He inspired people that staying positive is more important than destroying their negative thoughts. Winston Churchill, the most inspirational man to lead a country is a deserving hero to many people. He deserves much recognition for his noble acts and powerful messages during his long hard fought life.

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