Literary Heroes


by Brian from Anchorage, Alaska


Wolverine is my favorite hero because he is always fighting for and against himself and others. The four traits that I think make up a hero are: bravery, selflessness, integrity and honor.

Wolverine is brave because he constantly runs head-on into battle, even against all odds. He never hesitates to protect himself and others against the forces of evil. He also constantly battles himself to overcome hardships and difficult decisions that are thrown his way.

Wolverine is selfless because he constantly sacrifices himself to save others. This is a quality that makes him unique because he gives off a selfish air throughout the story, but he also goes out of his way countless times to help others.

Wolverine has integrity. He is mostly honest and has a good sense of character. He only lies to keep others out of danger, either physical or psychological. He is always helping and protecting others.

Wolverine is also very honorable. He always comes to the call of battle, tries to be the first one into a battle, and last one out of battle. He never backs down to a challenge. He never quits or gives up. Using his super-healing abilities, strength and claws, he is always trying to save others.

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