Women Transforming Media

Wonder Woman comic

by Le Jeune Pierrick from Caen in France

I consider Wonder Woman a heroïne because when she was shown to DC's readers, she shocked them. She was the first superheroïne girl ! She was the symbol of women's empowerment and freedom, back in the 40's. During the 40's in America women started to have a real status. Even though they still needed to struggle, they were getting closer and closer to nowaday's gender equality. Because of that, DC thought it might be interesting to make a super heroïne. The DC corporation had already created Superman and Batman, but they had never created a superhero as a girl before. Back in time, it was a huge challenge. They had to make huge efforts to shape the character that would be DC comics' new and first iconic girl figure. It was tough, and they had to keep their readers without offending them; a hard challenge! When they started to shape the character, they wanted her to be the symbol of women's empowerment. That's why they made her a goddess. She came from a world where women are stronger than men. There were no men on their lands because they could be a weakness. Those girls were called the Amazones. Daughter of their queen Hippolyte, Wonder Woman came into our world because she thinks it's worth it to help to help human beings. With such a plot, the Wonder Woman comic had no problem facing Batman and Superman's sales. America was now protected by these amazing, powerful and iron-willed idols. That's why they called her Wonder Woman. Women of this century have got the power. Not like they used to be before. They are empowered, they are amazing, they are wonder women. And then, in December 1941, the readers were amazed! It was a huge success. So, this is the story of one of the most iconic DC's golden age to nowadays. And her fight, as well as women's fight, will last forever.

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