Animals Heroes


by Elizabeth from Texas

My story is about a dog hero that saved my life!!! When I was just a kid, I was at the store with my mom. I got lost, and Wrinkles, our dog, had gone with me. He knew where my mom was, so he got me from the clothes section, where I was lost, and took me back to her.

Since then, I have been proud of that dog. He died two years ago, which was really sad, and he was 24 years old when he died! I think everyone must have a hero in the house, and must appreciate that hero, and it may be a hero like my dog!

He always made me feel better. He was always there when I was sad. This is my story, and I know there are many stories around the world. and I know that there are a lot of heroes in the world, and we should share our stories.

Remember: There are Heroes Everywhere!

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