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Xanthe Wells, Advertising Creative Director



We caught up with creative director  Xanthe Wells on the red carpet of the Alliance for Women in Media Southern California’s 57th Annual Genii Awards. Xanthe was presented with the Excellence in Advertising Award by Patrick O’Neill, Chief Creative Officer of Theranos.

Prior to becoming a freelance creative director, she was Chief Creative Officer at Pitch Agency. She has been recognized by Business Insider as one of the “30 Most Creative Women in Advertising.”

WTM: How are you feeling about being honored tonight?

XW: Really excited. I’m kind of shocked and honored and blown away that I’m here. So it’s wonderful.

WTM: Can you tell us about any mentors you’ve had?

XW: I found two men, one of whom is with me tonight, who have just been by my side my whole career. And it really helped shape me, guide me. Rob Schwartz and Patrick O’Neill are my two mentors. I’ve learned from them how to lead with humility and kindness, but also fierce dedication to craft, work and passion. They really taught me how to accomplish big, big things by galvanizing people. So I’ve learned from the best.

WTM: How did you find your passion?

XW: I started actually as a painter. I fell in love with advertising, went to school for it, and ended up working at a small advertising agency in LA called Ground Zero. And from there went to Chiat Day and finally Pitch, where I was last. I fell into it because I just love learning about demographics and what appeals to people, but also forging that with creativity. I love marrying science and art.

WTM: What are your plans for the future?

XW: Freelance!

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