Animals Heroes


by Briana from California

My hero is my dog because, in my eyes, she is one of the sweetest dogs ever. Her name is Xena. The story of how I got her is that when I was little I would beg and beg my dad for a puppy and one day he said that there was a big rat in the garage. So I opened the door and a cutie little puppy came walking out! Right when I saw her I screamed XENA! So we named her that. I was about 4 years old and Xena was about 5 months old. So we grew up together!

To me she is a hero because she is loyal, sweet, playful, helpful, and cute. She is my hero because when you are feeling blue, she makes you feel better. If you are in pain, she makes it all go away. She helps people when they are in need and she is just so great. I love her so much!

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