Xiang-Rong Wang

by Thomas Call - 7 - from Pullman, WA

Xiang-Rong Wang loves his community, and during the harsh COVID-19 pandemic, he thought he should help. When Wang founded his water pump company in 2001, he named it "LEO group pump." "LEO" stood for "Love Each Other." Wang gave his company that name because he cares very much about his community, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Wang used part of his factory to produce 100,000 medical face masks. Wang's daughter lives at the University of South California, where the Keck Medical facility and many other neighboring medical facilities are located. Wang donated masks to Keck Medicine and the surrounding facilities. Wang donated masks not just to Keck Medicine, but to locations around the globe because he not only loves his community, he loves his world.

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