Teachers Heroes

Xie, Zong-Lin

by Susan Lin, Betty Lui, Jocelyn Lai, Evan Chang - High School - from Taiwan Tainan

What do you think is the meaning of the "teacher" role? Xie Zonglin is an ordinary high school math teacher in Taiwan. Xie has a high passion for education. His teaching method is very different from other teachers. Xie's teaching method is very novel and connects with students who feel special. The teaching method and thinking style of lessons makes Xie Wenjing lean to innovative education.

He became a teacher because his mother secretly changed his priority card. Due to the teacher's misunderstanding, he has always held the attitude of not easily doubting the students, which made him deeply believe that the teacher's failure to understand the words may cause psychological harm to the students. Therefore, he often reminds himself to speak carefully and not to hurt students by being careless.

Xie's original technical style was similar to that of other teachers. When Mr. Xie found that his students did not concentrate in class, did their own thing or even fell asleep, Mr. Xie began to think about how to motivate students to be interested in mathematics. Mr. Xie began to go to other schools to learn different experiences. This summer, he went to Finnish schools with a group of Taiwanese teachers to share with local teachers and students in Finland. And, because of his education style, some students who are not interested in math grades like to take classes.

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