Young Heroes


by Jaime Urbina-Acosta from United States

There was this one time when Yasmin saw me alone at a table and she decided to bring her friends, and they all sat next to me. She was cracking jokes and just had a good time. 

We both were in the in same class. It was a really cold day on the 7th of September. At the time we didn't know each other. At first sight we just thought in our heads we were just in the same class, no big deal, but over the course of the first semester we became best friends. How we met was rather interesting. One day in class we were sitting in our assigned tables. It was one of those days when you just don't feel like learning. So me being the bored person I am, I decided to get the first thing I saw, and it was a calculator. As I was messing around with the calculator, my soon to be best friend joined in on my boredom. She told me that if you flip the calculator upside down, you can make words, as we make a different variation of words like hi, boo, etcetera. We were taking turns messing around with the calculator. We got to know each other and we found out that we have the exact same things in common. It felt like we were meant to be friends, and ever since that day we felt inseparable.

Yasmin has a really big impact on my life. I used to 2nd guess things and just be so sad, but all of that changed when she came into my life. Now whenever I feel down, she's there to comfort me, and whenever I 2nd guess, she's there to tell me to trust myself. I was always the quiet kid that hardly ever talks, but whenever I talk to Yasmin, all my worries just fade away. I feel more of me and not the person I am supposed to be. It's like I could talk to her forever. I am always cherishing every moment and every laugh with her.

Yasmin's family is from Mexico, but she has lived in Seattle her whole life. Her family came to America just to have a better life at the age of 12 she met a lot of great friends and people, and she's always trying to make them better people and support them whenever they need it, and she is so nice and caring to every person she meets. But she was also not in a good state of mind; she needed someone to make her laugh and smile. Someone that could be there for her every hour of every day, and that when she met me.

There was this one time when me and Yasmin were in class just chatting about school, then she said she wants one thing and one thing only. She wants everyone to be happy, and “if you help someone you help everyone,” and ever since that day those words stuck with me and had a massive impact to my life. I try to help everyone I could, for example, trying to help a family member or helping out one of my friends, anything that could make someone's day better. 

How I look at Yasmin and think she is a real person doing so many things to make herself and others better people in lids and I will always be grateful for her and her family for raising such an amazing and wonderful friend, and there is a lot of stuff we can learn to be a better person to others and ourselves. 


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