Yi Sun Shin

by Justin Y from Montvale, New Jersey in United States

The Life Of Yi Sun Shin


This great admiral led Korea to safety, power, and beauty! The amazing sea captain Yi Sun Shin did all of this. To many people, this may not be relevant but if you want to feed your information-thirsty brains with reading-worthy info, this is the article made for you. Yi Sun Shin was smart, cunning, and determined, and brave.

This story will tell you what I can about his early life and Heroics. So let’s jump right in.

130154Yi Sun Shin QuotesKorea's Heroes This will introduce you to Yi Sun Shin’s early life. The great Korean naval forces captain, Yi Sun Shin was born April 28, 1545 in Hansung Castle. Much of his childhood is unknown due to wars, many fires, and many other harmful things to scrolls and books that could have covered up all records of his early life. What experts do know is that the first spark of interest in the army was when he joined the naval forces when he was about fifteen years old. After three long years of service, the previous admiral died and Shin rose to the great admiral’s position of the Goelua Navy. Unfortunately, he died in the Battle of Noryang (노량해전 battle), shot by a Japanese musketeer.

Heroics were an important part of his life. Here are some of the battles he fought and what he did when he was the Admiral. Yi Sun Shin fought many battles, but only a few are respected and remembered. The most well-known battles are these: Battle of Okpo, Battle of Sacheon, Battle of Hansan Island, Battle of Busan, Battle of Myeongnyang (임진왜란, 옥포대첩, 한산대첩, 명량해전, and 노량해전(Noryang battle). Yi Sun Shin was never known for the great masses of his armies, but clever and calm strategies that would always confuse and outsmart the Japanese navy. He was determined, and always set his country before himself. He was not only famous for his battles, but mostly for the love and caring of his country.

This is most of the great, awesome, heroic deeds of the most respected Korean Navy admiral. Everything he did was not to be selfish, but to help others in need of protection. All of his traits make him a true hero to the world.


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