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Yolanda Renee King

by Abigail Richardson from MY HERO Staff

We Dream a World: Carrying the Light from My Grandparents Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King

15-year-old Yolanda Renee King, the granddaughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King delivers a stirring tribute to her grandparents that speaks to children everywhere about her hopes for a new future in her inaugural children's book, "We Dream a World."

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In this stirring tribute to Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King, Jr., their granddaughter, Yolanda - a national civil rights figure in her own right - is ready to lead in this powerful picture book text! With inspiration from Langston Hughes and deep love for her grandparents, Yolanda King shows the world that young people are strong enough to carry on their elders' legacy while creating a new path for themselves. Her words are meaningful and universal, painting an expressive tableau of the issues facing young people today - racial equality, bullying, gun violence, climate change, disease, community, empowerment, inclusion, and more. Yolanda's words will comfort and inspire the next generation of dreamers.

Featured on the cover of the book is a poignant illustration of the young author holding a framed picture of her illustrious grandparents, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. Within the pages of this book unfolds a heartfelt tribute to her family, coupled with words of inspiration that resonate with the pursuit of a more peaceful, loving, and egalitarian world.

In a recent interview on CBS Mornings earlier this month, Yolanda, the sole grandchild of MLK, shared her perspective on never having had the opportunity to meet her iconic grandparents. However, this absence has not hindered her fervent desire to perpetuate their legacy. She specifically emphasizes highlighting Coretta Scott King as a significant leader in her own right. Yolanda asserted, "People often forget about how much of a role she played," underscoring Coretta's pivotal influence by noting, "She was the one who actually got my grandfather involved in the movement."

Yolanda's debut book was launched on January 2, nearly two weeks ahead of MLK Day. In a statement, she expressed her excitement about sharing this literary creation as a heartfelt tribute to her grandfather. Yolanda remarked, "I'm excited to share this love letter in his honor. This book lets every child rediscover my grandparents' dream." Through her work, Yolanda aims to encapsulate and perpetuate the enduring spirit of her grandparents' vision for a more inclusive and compassionate world.

You can buy the book here:

Watch Yolanda in this video from Scholastic’s Choices magazine where Yolanda reflects on her family’s legacy and shares how their powerful story inspired her to write her book, "We Dream a World.”  

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