Your Fire Isn't a Hazard by Purnima Ghogar

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Purnima Ghogar performs an original spoken word piece that reinforces the importance of creative expression, particularly the written word, intended to empower voices that are often repressed, marginalised and censored. The volcano is used a metaphor to depict the urgency of our words and actions for positive change - words and worlds need not be controlled, inhibited and shaped by others, but rather, nurtured by our individual authenticity.

Purnima Ghogar is an Australian-Thai artist, author, poet, TEDx Speaker and teacher of creative writing and literature. Purnima's words are inspired by the universe, nature, the light and dark, diaspora, activism and explores themes of women's empowerment, identity, creativity, healing, self-discovery, growth and mental health. Her poetry and art depicts an aesthetic fusion from the wealth of her Indian and Thai heritages, as well as her interest in the special relationship between the visual and written modes of expression - this can also be seen in her illustrated and concrete poetry styles. She also performs her poetry to audiences in live settings, inspiring people from diverse backgrounds to embrace their authentic selves.

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your story is meant
to be told -
your core is meant to
into flaming words
that flows,
the steepest slopes
and seeps into corners
never uncovered,
extinguishing blocks
to your voice but never
your letters -
they can't be hardened,
buried, obscured,
only ignited for you to
purposely shape
and form new worlds
beyond repair

your fire isn't a hazard


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