You're a Hero Now

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A Song I made and dedicated to My Grandmother about education and how important teachers are regardless of where they are or what they teach. the impact educators have is immense and deserves to be recognized.



From early mornings and late afternoons,

You take initiative and do what you must do

To help the people that are looking up to you

You motivate, you make or break a generation

You instigate consistent innovation

Education, you provide

In your students hearts, your teachings reside

Your consistent persistence is vital

Hero, you've earned this title

Singing Chorus:

Educators, you don't know how much you matter

Information it’s the core of our nations

Educators, you don’t Know how much you matter

Information it’s the coreof our nations

You're investment in the next generation

It goees without saying its not a loss

Your investment in the next generation it goes without saying

Its not a loss

Educators, you don’t Know how much you matter

We need you, all around the world


I want to thank ym anan specifically for helping me see that, she always said If I can touch just one, that’s enough

She taught English and French for over 30 years of her life and even now she's always teaching me something new. Thank You Nana, you're My Hero


Ability, its defined by stability

Your presence in the class room increasing the fertility

Of knowledge, the patience that you have

Constantly encouraging awareness of the past

Thank you, I cant say it enough

You do important work, its incredibly tough

Capacity the mindset you posses

When your students see you the know what to expect

And when its time to say goodbye and that tear rolls down

You know you're a hero now.

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