Teachers Heroes

zheng qin

by amy from nyc

As a new immigrant, when I just came in American, I didn’t know anything about the environment that surrounded me. I was afraid to talk to others, and also I didn’t know how to say to others. Until I met my first teacher in the U.S.A, she helped me a lot on my school works.

We used to call her Ms Chen, she was from Taiwan, which is near to my hometown. And we can communicate in Chinese. She has long hair with black color and with a kindness looking that everybody in our class like her so much.

She is one of Chinese bilingual teacher in our school. I stayed at her class whole day except some ESL classes. She tried to put me in a group that all of them are very good students. And they hope in a few periods I would catch up the lessons, and try to get high grade.

At first, I want to give up anyway, because it’s too hard to a person to learn other language in a sudden time. But my teacher always to inspire me to learn as harder as I can, no matter what happened to me, never to give up. She said that “if I still want to stay in this country, there is still a very long life ahead. That is our future. If a person could not communicate with other, she/he wouldn’t belong to there. And each of us can not left behind”

After I heard she said that to me, I stared to think about it, and figured out what the meaning it is, and I understood it. I started to struggle on my works. After I graduated at my junior high school I get the highest GPA in my class. And I think the most important factor of this result is because of my teacher. She helped me a lot. I think she is one of the heroes in my life. She showed me the way at my tuning point. That changed me a lot. I am thankful, and grateful!

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