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Zoe / Seedlings/ Zoe is the Best Dog

by Kathy Crockett from United States

Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.

91559Zoe doing an agility competitionBronaugh DailyZoe is my best girl.  She is a therapy dog and visits the local emergency room every week.  She is also very athletic and does a dog and handler sport called agility.

Zoe is a yellow Labrador Retriever, but she is so light, she is almost white.

91559Kathy CrockettZoe relaxingThis paragraph will be another one about how wonderful Zoe is.

And because she is so special, here is another paragraph about how awesome Zoe is.

Just in case someone takes the Name of Hero / Organization/ Page Title literally, I put it in there to see how it would look.

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