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Amelia Earhart

by Johana from Georgia

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Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897. When Amelia was 7, she got to go to the World's State Fair. Amelia got to make a little roller coaster in her back yard. Amelia went to the Iowa State Fair and saw her first airplane. When Amelia was on her sled, it went too fast and a horse was coming, but Amelia ducked and saved her own life. Amelia lived in Kansas, Pennsylvania, Canada, and Los Angeles.

Did you know why Amelia was famous? Amelia was famous for a lot of awesome things. She was famous for flying in the sky 14,000 feet above ground. She was the first woman to cross the ocean. She made over one hundred speeches. She was also the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo. She also set a lot of records. Amelia got to join a club for pilots. Amelia got a medal for flying a lot. She got lost over the Pacific Ocean and nobody ever heard from her ever again.

Did you know that Amelia visited a lot of places? She got to visit places I haven't been to. Amelia got to go to California. She went to Missouri. She also got to go to Chicago. Amelia got to go to Boston and New York, too.

Do you know any words that describe Amelia? I know a lot of terrific words. Amelia was courageous and well-educated. She was also polite and attractive. She liked to be the first to try things. Amelia was remembered for setting a lot of records. She was also remembered for flying across the Atlantic Ocean solo. She is remembered for flying 14,000 feet above ground.

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