Anne Frank

by Alyssa from North Carolina

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Anne Frank

What is a hero? In my opinion heroes can come in all shapes and sizes. I believe anyone can be a hero by being a just, right, honest, and courageous person. Being a hero can have many other amazing traits or characteristics as well. A hero can be classified as saving someone's life or saving thousands. However, being a hero can also be the fact that the person is brave or has done something memorable in their lives. They could have also risked or sacrificed their life. Most heroes become famous and are valued for their great achievements in life. Overall, in my opinion a hero is a revered, truthful, brave person who has accomplished many, great things in their life.

My hero is Anne Frank. Anne was born on June 12, 1929. She was a German-Jewish teenager who was forced to go into hiding during the Holocaust. Anne was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Because of her religion, she and her family spent 25 months in hidden rooms above her father's office in Amsterdam during World War II. After being betrayed to the Nazis, Anne and her family were arrested and transported to Nazi concentration camps. During all of this Anne kept a diary writing everything that occurred at the age of thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen. In early March 1945, nine months after she was arrested, Anne Frank died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen. She was fifteen years old. She is "one of the most renowned and discussed of Holocaust victims."

When Anne and her family were living in the annex or rooms, they couldn't move so people would not hear them. Anne had to live in the same house for so many months without getting out or doing things normal people could do. She was a very calm, strong, optimistic, unselfish, and brave person to do this. With her diary, Anne Frank helped everyone understand how the Jews survived or tried to survive in the Holocaust. She helped people see how horrible the Holocaust really was. I think the reason I consider Anne Frank to be my hero, is the fact that she was my age when all this occurred. This makes me see how I take my life for granted and how strong I have to be when I see how strong she was. She was and is a remarkable role model to so many people and I hope other people will read this and think of her as their hero as well.

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