Abert Gore

by Jared from Fredericksburg

"Global warming, a deep moral issue as much as a scientific one, should cause all people to realize the truth of its consequences" ~ Gore
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Al Gore

My hero is Albert Arnold Gore because he taught me that any person could make a difference in the world.

Let me tell you a little about his childhood.

  • Albert Gore was born in 1948, in Washington D.C., on March 31, 1948 into a political family. His father's name was Albert Gore and he was a senator of Tennessee. "His mother Pauline Gore was a political thinker and an important adviser to her husband. Both of Al Gore's parents came from poor families in rural Tennessee. When Al Gore was younger, he followed his political parents by trying to protect the environment by planting trees and encouraging his parents to drive smaller cars, arms control, and civil rights."
  • Let me review Al Gore's childhood and education, it was spent half in Washington D.C. and half in rural Tennessee. He went to school in the nation's capital and he spent his summers at his family Ranch in Carthage, Tennessee. Al Gore attended St. Albans, which is a private collage preparation school. In Washington, D.C.. In 1965 Al Gore attended Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For most of his academic career he was a student that got mostly B's and C's but his two last years at Harvard his Grades improved.
  • I choose Al Gore as my hero because he thinks Global Warming is not going to happen instead he thinks Global Warming has already not only started but has taken a rocket start. The following chart describes the normal CO2 levels and if you look carefully at the beginning, it shows how the CO2 level in the atmosphere has jumped in the last 300 years.
  • <a href=>Carbon Dioxide Variations</a>
    Carbon Dioxide Variations

  • Above I have a picture of the CO2 levels a year ago. This information was discovered by drilling over one mile down into the ice in Alaska and The Arctic and analyzing the air captured in the air pockets in the ice.
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