Al Anderson

by Isabelle from Loveland

Allan Anderson (Bapa) My hero is my grandfather, Al Anderson; I called him Bapa, which is Swedish for grandfather. He was a humble man who changed my life. My Bapa had a lot of qualities that made him a hero. I will discuss three of the qualities, but I could go on all day about the wonderful attributes my Bapa had. These qualities are: selflessness, humility and perseverance.

Allan Anderson
Allan Anderson

The first quality about Bapa was selflessness. A lot of his time was spent with others who needed a friend. He lead bible studies at nursing homes and visited the sick in hospitals. My Nana and him helped my mom and dad take care of me and my sisters when my mom and dad were working. He always puts other's needs before his own and put himself last. That is why he is also humble.

Humility was something he always demonstrated. He demonstrated humility when we played games by showing us how to play the game better, so we would win. As a successful businessman, he always credited Jesus for giving him his gift. Bapa always told us to act like Jesus would act and wore his 'WWJD' bracelet. I think Jesus is very proud of his humility. He was always persevering to be humble and selfless and that is another heroic quality of him.

Perseverance is the best heroic quality of my Bapa because he was always doing it. Trials and tribulations seemed to be a part of his life, but he persevered through most of them. My Bapa was always standing strong through the things he went through. One trail was when he broke his ankle, but always humbled himself to help us with our things even when it hurt. Also, in 2011, he was diagnosed with a bladder disorder and was in a lot of pain, but he smiled through it. Finally, in November 2012, he had a stroke. We came to visit him in the hospital and he was persevering through the stroke by trying to talk and trying to walk. He was really trying to get better. One of the last things he did before he died was the most heroic. Bapa took my hand and kissed it and prayed over me. My Bapa showed selflessness, humility and perseverance until the day Jesus welcomed him into Heaven.

Easter 2011
Easter 2011

When we die and God welcomes us into our real home, He is finished with us. Just like in the Potter's video, earth is the Potter's wheel and God is working on us. When God is finished with us and we come home, He puts us in His trophy case because we are His masterpieces. My Bapa received his trophy for being Christ-like: demonstrating selflessness, humility, and perseverance. Truly, he was Christ here on earth and I am following in his legacy.

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