Angels Heroes

Arianna M. Billoups

by Kenneth S. Jones from Newark

"Forever and ever babe!"
Arianna M. Billoups basketball picture for Logan
Arianna M. Billoups basketball picture for Logan

As you know my hero is Arianna Marie Billoups. She is the sunshine that evolves around me. Life is difficult but there is always someone who brightens up your day when everything else seems to splatter all over your face. Though when I begin to hear her voice, touch, fragrance, she makes me realize the mess that was made was not that utterly horrible. I guess heroes change the perspective that you have on a situation, whether for good to bad or, bad to good. I chose this wonderful young lady as my hero for more reasons upon reasons than I can express.

Arianna is a special person because, she always has a joyful spirit. An the awesome fact about it is that her joy rubs off on everyone in a way that makes you smile. Awhile ago she knew I was upset over the fact I couldn't be with her one night and my phone had died. So, while my phone was off she left ten voicemails that lasted fifteen minutes a piece so she could somehow believe she was communicating to me. To me that was extraordinary since I didn't believe she or anyone else would do that, especially for me. One thing that makes a hero to me is when they're determined to do something once they put their mind to it.

In order to be a hero you have to be strong. Maybe not physically but, in some way, particularly in the mind. Well Ms. Billoups has that characteristic to me. She always fights through the heartache and pain when it seems whatever the obstacle would get the best of her. Most people would up and quit when a struggle comes upon their shoulder, I know I do. I scurry away from pain, strife, and other problems that are not fun to defeat. Though seeing her contain adversity makes me feel sooner or later that I can as well. Amazingly she promotes me to take on the hardest obstacles and to be the best. Now that's the hero I love and respect deeply.

The hero I love is very encouraging. She makes sure that the goals for me everyday are being achieved. There was one day where she constantly forced me to do every chore that could possibly be done. As you mature in life you begin to see in a way your hero becomes the very thing you wouldn't think of but, your parent. Arianna is my mom - maybe not my mother but close to being like her I can say. A mother makes sure her child is doing what is right and letting their son know they're always going to be by their side. That's exactly how my hero makes me feel day to day. No matter what happens, they are going to last through thick and thin.

Finally we come to the end of a great girl who has yet more to come in the future and who I could converse about in my sleep. All I can say is that any hero if they really are a hero to you affects you as an all around person. In this case an ultimate better young man. And I am glad that Arianna Marie Billoups does that for me.

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Extra Info

I love Arianna. She is my life, my future wife. Everybody in my family and her family know we are inseparable!! Life has no meaning when you have no one to share it with and I'm glad I can share mine with her.