Alexandra Cousteau

by Brianna from Lafayette Hill

Alexandra Cousteau
Alexandra Cousteau

I think the world has changed after a long period of time. Everything you do does make a difference because the ocean animals are dying from pollution; and fishing can cause marine life to be caught in nets and die.

Alexandra Cousteau was born in France, grew up in California and now travels through the United States. I think Alexandra is generous because she donated $50,000 to the Cynopsis Foundation Inc. She donates time to animals to help them in many ways.

Alexandra is very caring because she is an environmentalist and that inspires me to become one too become one too. She also took over her grandfather's job of helping marine animals in the ocean. Marine animals need a lot of help because of global warming.

Alexandra is intelligent because she is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer in the class of 2008. She has spoken to audiences at the United Nations, UNESCO, Harvard University, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Alexandra Cousteau inspired me to do many things like making me think positive about becoming an environmentalist and hopefully become just like her by helping marine animals and other animals in many ways.

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