Alexandra Cousteau

by Brianna from San Diego

At the mere age of seven years old, Alexandra Cousteau scuba dived with her grandfather as a hobby. As she got older, this fun pastime grew into a career path. As a small child she would play in tide-pools.Cousteau is currently an experienced oceanographer and filmmaker and she uses her videos (Expedition Blue Planet) to spread the word about her efforts and how people can help. As a child, Alexandra would play in rocky tide pools near the ocean on Maui. In 2008, she founded and became president of the Blue Legacy. She soon developed a strong passion for the water. In 2012, Cousteau became a Senior Advisor to Oceana, a large company focused on water management. Alexandra Cousteau expresses actions and beliefs of good character through her behavior and attitude. Cousteau is an uplifting hero because she demonstrates caring, success, and determination in all she does.

Alexandra Cousteau demonstrates that she is a caring because she spends a lot of her time working for not only herself, but for everyone else in the world. Cousteau makes herself known as an important part of taking care of the problem. "Cousteau is advocating the importance of conservation and sustainable management of water in order to preserve a healthy planet". A healthy planet is one with little to no pollution and it remains that way for a long time. Cousteau works to defend that high end goal and protect her own beliefs of water maintenance, as well as to protect anything that relies on the water source. She puts others before herself and she focuses all her energy on saving the natural water. Her views are supported by many others as she does anything that she needs to do in order to advance  in discovering a way to relieve the world of a growing problem. As well as being a strong passionate voice, Cousteau also strains herself all over the world. "She has explored water resources and engaged stakeholders on all seven continents." She does all in her power to protect and give help to all water sources and those who depend on it. Cousteau also  'engages stakeholders'. Stakeholders are people who can be very influential and have a lot to offer. She explored water resources to see how bad of a position they are in so that she can do something about it.

Not only is Alexandra Cousteau a considerate individual, she is also a successful business woman. Cousteau has been nominated for many awards, including: "She was honored as National Geographic Emerging Explorer in 2008 and a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum." National Geographic gives an award each year to distinguish successful scientists and artists who are on track to becoming  prosperous young adventurers. Cousteau was nominated for the accolade above because she has done many deserving things. As well as being chosen for various prizes, Cousteau created her own organization. She founded the Blue Legacy in 2008 and was honored as a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum. Cousteau had gone even one step further by creating the non-profit organization so that it can focus on the water issues of our world. She chose to power other people to help her because she can help more societies than she would alone.

Cousteau spent a large portions of her life working to preserve our blue planet's water, one step at a time. She spent almost her whole life working for the world. "She's been at this since her first ocean expedition when she was four months old, so she has a level of experience and credibility that is extremely unique." Cousteau became inspired by her grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau when she was a young girl. Her experience is at an extremely high level so she knows what she is doing and how she is going to do it. She gave her all when she started to pursue her childhood dream and she loves doing that. Seeing that Alexandra Cousteau  has been committed to the same task for so long, she makes it known that she is very passionate about her job.Cousteau broke up the sections of her time to focus on specific things. "Alexandra spent two years living in Central America working with local environmental groups on marine resource management with a special focus on shark fisheries." She is motivated to solve the problem and work on small specified section of the bigger picture. Two years is a long time to spend on one small thing. She spends those large portions of time working on those pieces of the bigger problem to make sure that she can do things and those will not regress. She uses her own personal time so she can get a better grip on what is actually happening so that she knows exactly what she needs to do She demonstrates her determination through her time consuming actions.

Cousteau shows that she is an inspirational hero in many different ways. Alexandra Cousteau's actions portray her good character as someone who will put others before herself, do well in life, and not stop achieving her dreams . Alexandra Cousteau is my hero because she shows me and others that anything can be deemed possible. Cousteau exhibits her heroic traits in her actions and makes a lasting difference in the face of the earth, and she provides as a guide for others to follow in her footsteps to become a part of a global project.. She inspires me to create something that would benefit multiple people by doing so herself. A true hero must be able to contribute to the common problems and be able to inspire humankind to do great deeds.

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