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Amelia Earhart

by Gabriela from Des Plaines

Amelia Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas, July 24, 1897. Amelia then had a little sister named Muriel. Edwin Earhart was a lawyer and Amelia's dad. Amy Earhart was the mother of Amelia. Amy Earhart was the daughter of a wealthy judge. Amelia was not exactly a regular girl. Amelia would play sports and get dirty. Amelia wears long pants instead of wearing a dress. Some women were shocked by Amelia's reaction.

Amelia went to high school and graduated. After graduation Amelia went to Ogontz School in Pennsylvania. Amelia would send a letter to her parents. Amelia sketched herself in one letter and wrote that she looks like a broom stick.

Amelia's first job as a nurse (
Amelia's first job as a nurse (

Amelia spent her Christmas with her sister in Toronto. There Amelia saw men who came from the first world war. When Christmas was over Amelia quit school. Amelia then began as a nurse in Toronto for war wounded men. When the war was over Amelia started to study automobile-engine repair. A year passed and Amelia went to New York City, at Columbia University. Amelia was first going to study medicine but then decided to study medical research.

Amilia in the sky (
Amilia in the sky (

Amelia then flew aboard the friendship across the Atlantic Ocean. Three years passed and Amelia got married with George P. Putman on February 9. In 1935 Amelia became the first person to fly from Hawaii to California. Then Amelia became the second person and first women to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone. Amelia disappeared in 1937 while trying to fly around the world. Ships were sent to the Atlantic where Amelia disappeared but did not succeed to find her.

Amelia Earhart is instructing. I decided to do some research of Amelia Earhart because she sounded interesting. Everything was interesting but I liked the part of her disappearance. Amelia Earhart is a great person to study about.

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