Amelia Earhart

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Amelia Earhart saw her first plane when she was 10, and she was not impressed. She thought it looked like a pile of giant scraps of metal glued together. Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, but, when doing so, she got lost. The government spent around 4 million dollars looking for her. She is a hero to society because she helped out a lot with women's rights in flying a plane such a long distance.


In 1920 she took a plane ride and when she landed she knew she had to learn how to fly instantly. A year after she took that plane ride, she purchased her first ever plane, a bright yellow second-hand Kinner Airster biplane. On her first plane ride over the Atlantic, she was a passenger, the pilot being Wilmer Stultz. All these events led up to her career as a pilot.

Amelia Earhart ( ())
Amelia Earhart ( ())

Amelia Earhart is considered a hero to many because she was determined and selfless. Back then in the 1920's, women didn't have the same rights as men and weren't allowed to work at dangerous jobs like flying a plane. She was determined because she flew over the Atlantic three times as a passenger before she tried flying herself. She tried it twice before she finally succeeded ( editors). This shows she was determined because she didn't give up when she failed, she kept going. Not only was she considered determined, but she was selfless too. According to, "She strove to be an example of courage, intelligence and self-reliance. She hoped her influence would help toggle negative stereotypes about women and open doors for them in every field," ( Editors). This evidence explains why she is selfless because the main purpose of what she did was to make more possibilities for women and to prove women are just as good as men. In light of this information, Amelia Earhart is a hero to many people because she was selfless and determined to prove that not only men can successfully do dangerous things.


Even though this happened a little over 80 years ago, what she did still affects society today. Today women are trusted to fly long lengths, there are over 4000 female pilots today. This gives more variety for pilots which are needed considering how many people travel on planes today.


Newspaper article from when Amelia was lost ( ())
Newspaper article from when Amelia was lost ( ())

In conclusion, Amelia Earhart is a hero because she changed women's rights forever. Because of what she did, women now have more options in their career choices and get treated the same as men and have the same tasks. Amelia Earhart effectively changed the world just like she planned.


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