Amelia Earhart

by Brena from San Diego

Amelia Earhart in 1935 ( ())
Amelia Earhart in 1935 ( ())

   "Never do things others can do and will do if there are things others cannot do or will not do."Amelia Earhart one of the world most famous female pilots, lived by these words. She believed that doing something never done before was the way to live that conquering that one things other could not was something everyone should reach for. Earhart definitely reached a lot of goals during her life. She always knew that she was born to fly. Amelia was born July 24, 1897, in Atchison, Kansas, Earhart disappeared between July 29 and 30. Amelia felt compelled to leave school, taking a course in Red Cross First Aid, Amelia enlisting as a nurse's aide at Spadina Military Hospital in Toronto, Canada, tending to wounded soldiers during World War I. On May 20-21, 1932 she became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Amelia Mary Earhart is one of the most known women in aviation, she is recognized all over for her bravery her kindness and her ability to inspire people to reach for their dreams. She has changed aviation for the better and helped women all over the world prove that they have the ability to accomplish thing never accomplished before.

      Throughout Amelia Earhart's life there are times where all you could say about her was she is a very brave woman not caring what people thought, doing things that were never done before and encouraging women all around the world to follow their dreams. Amelia Earhart one of the most famous women in aviation flew places that never were flown by women before and set the example for women all around the world. "As a passenger on the flight, she became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and wrote of her experience in 20 Hrs. 40 Min" (Historical Society.) Amelia Earhart was very brave she took risks and made records to show the world that anything a man can do a women can also do. She risked her life for aviation and for women knowing that they can all follow their dreams. Earhart went on a flight that ended her career for she was never heard by again she was flying around the world and July 2, 1937, was the last day the coast guard communicated with her. Her bravery was shown that day she risked her life for her passion.  Amelia knew that being a woman it would be harder for her to reach her goals but that never stopped her from reaching them. Her true legacies were her contributions to aeronautics and women. Her slim, frail body belied a deep inner strength to accomplish as much as she could. She tirelessly promoted aviation as a safe and viable means of transportation, allowing herself to be used as advertising bait for the career she loved. Her gender served as an acknowledgment that aviation was safe for everyone and that even a woman could be a pilot, but her life served as an inspiration for generations of young girls and women. (Biography Reference)She promoted women and aviation. She inspired women to follow their dreams and that anything a man can do a women can also. Amelia made aviation seem safe she promoted it and woman being pilots she would risk her life for it and would do stuff never done before. Amelia died for her dreams and encouraged people to reach for the sky and that anyone can accomplish anything if the really want to.

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        Amelia was a strong women she reached for her dreams she also was a women that had a very kind heart not only caring about her fame and money but helping others also. Amelia always knew she was meant to fly but before she found her passion for aviation she helped others that needed it. "In 1918, at the age of 20, she went to visit her sister in Toronto, Canada. This was during World War I and after seeing wounded servicemen on the streets of Toronto, she volunteered to work as a nurse's aide at a local military hospital."Here shows that Amelia was a kind person she saw people who needed help and she would decide to help them. Amelia saw what the war did and decided that she needed to take charge and help these service man for fighting for our rights. Amelia after the war was thinking of making nursing a career she really loved the idea of helping others. "For a short time after the war, Earhart took a medical course at Columbia University in New York."Amelia was thinking of making nursing a career even after the war so she really just wanted to help people that are hurt. Earhart was a very kind person she only thought of doing good towards others and being a nurse did that. Amelia's kindness was showed in many ways she loves to help others. Amelia Earhart was definitely not just a regular woman she was one that affected the world a lot, a helpful person.

       Earhart would inspire women all over. She would do things never done before in aviation and prove to the world that men aren't the only ones who can fly planes or do things never done before. "Earhart set herself a new goal, to fly around the world at (or near) the Equator, something never before attempted. "Amelia had a way to inspire people she never backed down when people told her thing where impossible or extremely dangerous she always told people to reach for their dreams and to try to achieve things never done before. Amelia would prove to the world that if people tried hard enough they can do something people told them could never be done. Earhart was a big promoter of women and aviation she believed women didn't get taken as serious as men did. "Earhart was suddenly looked upon as a spokesperson for women aviators, and with George Putnam as her manager undertook an extensive series of lecture tours and was hired to write a column on aviation for Cosmopolitan magazine."Earhart would promote aviation for women and that would inspire women to follow their dreams that they could be just like her. Earhart also inspired women, not only for aviation but for reaching for their goals in general; she accomplished her goals and they could also. That woman could set new records, be the first to accomplish something and that if we really tried we would. Amelia Earhart has touched women all over the world. She changed the world for the better, inspiring people to do good, to help others, to not be scared to dream and reach for their goals, because having goals and dreams are what make a person and reaching them is what makes a person happy.


Amelia Earhart's bravery and kindness, also the way she is able to inspire others, has affected the world in many ways. Changed it for the better. She proves herself to be a woman with high traits, traits of one that encourages good. She is my hero because of the way she never gives up keeps pushing forward; the way she affected many people by inspiration. She is a brave woman and has a kind heart. A hero. Yes if superman was real he would be a hero but heroes don't have super powers. They are regular people like Amelia Earhart. The only difference about a hero and a regular person is their traits. Their traits encourage good and inspire others by what they do and what they say. Amelia has these traits, traits of a strong leader.

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