Amelia Earhart

by Brielle

Amelia Earhart before take off ( (Mansell for time life pictures))
Amelia Earhart before take off ( (Mansell for time life pictures))

Amelia Earhart is my hero for many reasons. She was brave, determined, and a very successful woman, not only with her career, but also with her dreams. Amelia was born July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. When Amelia was younger she never thought that flying was something she ever wanted to do, but people's minds do change over time. Amelia got married on February 7, 1931 to the love of her life, George Putnam. George Putnam was inspired by the fact that Amelia was different from everybody else, she didn't follow people and she had her own heart. Amelia set many records, when she was going on the one adventure that could have changed her life she crashed and didn't survive. Unfortunately the government couldn't find her and scientists don't know the exact date she died. However scientists do know she died sometime in 1937. Her death was a very sad, and a shocking announcement.

Do you know why Amelia Earhart is brave? Well she was brave for many different reasons. One reason is that a couple of men had been in a plane crash and didn't survive, but Amelia was brave enough to keep flying and wasn't scared by the devastating news about the accident. When you are flying you can't control everything, so for someone to become a pilot, it is scary and ambitious. After hearing that a couple of men had died in a plane crash, I probably would be a little frightened to fly solo. Speaking of flying solo, that was also another thing she did that I thought was very brave. One thing that I loved about her was that she never second guessed herself, which I thought was very courageous. Mrs. Earhart was the first women to fly across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans which is very impressive! I think the reason she is so brave is because she kept doing things that not everybody could and can do.

Do you know why Amelia Earhart was so determined? Amelia Earhart was so determined for many different reasons. Even though her parents were broken up, Amelia was still able to make her dreams come true. This is important because it represents Amelia being determined to her dreams. Mrs. Earhart was determined, she kept fighting for women's rights when it came to flying. It wasn't easy to be a female pilot when all the men out in the world were telling her she wasn't good enough. She was determined to fly while keeping her head held high, and she was able to break tons of records. Another reason Amelia was determined was because her parents got a divorce when she was younger and her father had a serious drinking problem so for her to attain her dreams really showed how independent she was. This also had showed how much passion she had for her career. As she once said, "I knew I myself had to fly, I think I'd like to fly." I really do think that Amelia was a determined women.

Do you think Amelia was successful with her dreams? I think Amelia was successful with her dreams, but other people do have different opinions. Amelia wasn't only successful with flying across the oceans solo, she was also a successful person for setting many women's speed records for around 100 km distance, and she also set many other records. She also flew solo from coast to coast non-stop which was an amazing accomplishment. My favorite part of her successful journey is that she was able to get a flying license, which at the time for a women was hard, she kept fighting and her journey was just starting. Amelia enjoyed academics, so to hear that she decided to get her flying license, was not too surprising. I wish I could fly like her.

Amelia Earhart was a part of history that I know I will never forget. She will always have a little piece of my heart because of what she has done for women and women's rights. She was a brave, determined and a successful woman who changed women's equality and told people that you can do whatever somebody else can do, you just need to set your mind to the goal. It doesn't matter your age or gender. Amelia always had a smile on her face and held her head high which showed bravery. She was a positive thinker with many goals. I really look up to her, and it was very hard to only pick three things to describe her as since she is so grand. That is why she is my hero.

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