Amelia Earhart

by Jack from North Kingstown (Aviatrix) (Aviatrix)

Amelia Earhart, who was born July 24, 1897 in Atchinson, Kansas, might have died (disappeared) on July 2, 1937, near the Pacific Ocean. She had a great dream since she was little, and that dream is flying in the sky, and that dream came true.

She went to school at Hyde Park High School, graduated at Columbia University, but she stopped going to school because she wanted a career, and for that reason, she never married because in that time period, all the women were stay at home and take care of kids, but Amelia was not that kind of woman. She became a pilot, and she is the first lady passenger across the Atlantic Ocean by airplane, and she is the first lady to fly across the Pacific Ocean. But, pay attention, but, she disappeared mysteriously in the Pacific Ocean, somewhere around the Howland Island when she was flying across the Earth near the equator. People still haven't found her yet.

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