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Amelia Earhart

by India from Lagrangeville

Have you ever heard of Amelia Earhart? She was a woman that was very brave, outgoing, and she didn’t care what others thought. Amelia Earhart had a lot of faith in her abilities.

Earhart was known for being the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean. She was born on July 24, 1897 in Kansas. Her parents are named Edwin and Amy Earhart. At the age of three her parents made her live with her grandmother mainly because the old woman needed company because this lady’s mom, son, and her daughter- in- law all died. Also, her husband Alfred was in very bad condition. When Amelia was in school she had very good grades and loved sports. She was very active. She rode ponies; tree-climbed, snow sledded and hunted. She showed others to have fun with your life and go out in the world and experience new adventures.

Everything that this one woman did showed me not to be afraid of what others had to say. Also, it showed me that if I liked something I should follow through on it and enjoy it.

Amelia Earhart did a lot of wonderful things. She was one woman, but accomplished a lot. Also, did you know Amelia Earhart crashed her air plane in the ocean? But, right now in 2011 scientist are finding evidence that showed that she survived the crash, but she died because she was trapped on an island. Scientist believe that they found a finger bone that was Amelia’s! People are not sure, but are still doing research and investigation!

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