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Amelia Earhart

by Lisa from Martinez

Amelia as a young girl
Amelia as a young girl

Amelia Earhart was born on July 24,1897. She was born at her grandparents' house in Atchison, Kansas. She had one sister named Muriel. Muriel was younger than Amelia. Amelia's father was a lawyer for the Rock Island Railroad. When Amelia was little she spent her childhood at her grandparents' house. Amelia was brave because she was thinking of risk taking things like flying. At school Amelia did activities that boys did like dodge ball.

As Amelia got older she wanted to take flying lessons and she did. Then she got better and better and started flying more. Amelia worked at many odd jobs so she can have money to take more flying lessons. Then a man asked Amelia ''Do you want to fly with me?'' and Amelia said ''yes.'' They went on their journey together and they made it. Then Amelia wanted to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and she did and she made it. Amelia wanted to fly across the world, and she did. She had a navigator with her, his name was Fred Noonan. Amelia and Fred had to take many stops. The last island they stopped at is called Papa New Guinea. After they left Papua New Guinea they started flying. Then they where low on fuel. They wanted to go back to Papa New Guinea. After that no one knows what happened to Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan.

When Amelia would fly she would prove many people wrong. Amelia made it so that women can fly planes like men could. ''Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn't be done,'' said Amelia Earhart. Some people think Amelia crashed, some people think Amelia didn't crash. It is so sad about Amelia Earhart's past. Amelia once said ''The woman who can create her own job is the woman who will win fame and fortune.'' People are still trying to find out what happened to Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart inspires me to be loving, caring, and risk taking. I like how Amelia tried flying around the world but didn't make it. When I am older I want to have feelings like Amelia. I really got surprised when I found out that Amelia was born at her grandparents' house. I don't want to be like Amelia because I don't want to fly like she did. What if I crash? I don't like that she would just fly and fly and fly. I picked Amelia Earhart because she was the first woman to fly like men could and she wasn't scared.

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