Amelia Earhart

by Grace from Parkesburg

Do you know who the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean was?  Well it was Amelia Earhart.  She was born July 24, 1897 and she disappeared July 2, 1937at the age of 39.  She was born at her grandparents place in Atchison, Kansas.  She lived in Atchison, Kansas most of her live but she moved a lot due to her father's work.  She ended up graduating at Hyde Park high school in Chicago.


Through her life span she had many major accomplishments but also many obstacles she had to face.  She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.  Amelia did this May 20 1932.  She took off from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland and landed the next day in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.  This flight took her 14 hours 56 min one May 20-21.  One of Amelia's major obstacles was her father.  Her father was trying to stop her from all her dreams.  How would you like it if you father tried to stop you from all your dreams?  Amelia was an awesome flyer and even became vice president of public relations for new line New York, Philadelphia, and Washington airlines September 1930.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  Can you believe some people did not like Amelia?  Well it's true.  They were major obstacles.  One of Amelia's probably most precious items and major accomplishment was buying her first plane.  She bought the plane July 1921 and named it "Canary". 


Amelia has the courage to do almost anything.  Amelia is brave because she risked her life to fly across the ocean.  That is what I call brave.  This brave girl is not only brave but hard working.  She puts all her time into flying lessons and a plan so she could be the first to complete this big challenge.  She's not only brave and hard working but adventurous.  She is adventurous enough to fly across the ocean alone.  That is adventurous enough for me.  She not only flew across the ocean alone but she also nursed as a teenager in world war one.

I feel that Amelia Earhart is a hero because I can learn a lesson from her.  I can learn that anything is possible if you try.  I can try something and if I don't get it on the first try it will com some time.  I hope you agree.

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