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Amelia Earhart

by Yhoshua from Johnstown

Amelia Earhart (
Amelia Earhart (

Amelia Earhart. Amelia was America's best woman aviator at the time when she lived. She was born July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. Her hero qualities were inspiring America. The qualities are Bravery, perseverance, valor, and dedication.

Amelia showed perseverance by trying her best, and never giving up even when discouraged. She even had financial crisis and she still worked it out without losing her goals. And she pushed her limit to prove she was the best. So she went to the daring Dave's competition and she won three first place ribbons.

Amelia showed true valor through taking the toughest challenges that even others said were impossible and were too scared to try. She was the daredevil of aviators, and she broke many records. Aviators became scared that they would be shamed by her and the ability to prove them wrong, so most of them avoided her. The first time she proved fellow aviators wrong they all never said a thing, even her friends.

Amelia showed bravery through getting in fear's way and pushing to reach her goals. She wasn't afraid to fail even miserably but never did, because she knew she wouldn't. As for others, they chickened out on co-op flights she offered to do with others. Like when she asked her best friend to fly to Hawaii, but she said she was not even going to try.

Amelia used many bibplanes (
Amelia used many bibplanes (

Amelia had shown dedication to being a famous aviator. There were times when she even thought of giving up because she wanted a life outside of flying. But she set her task and never left it. So just because she never gave up after that she won many prizes and cash. These are Amelia's true hero qualities to sum up her aviator years

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