Amelia Earhart

by Amy from Suwanee


Amelia Earhart once said, "Never do things others can do or will do if there are things others cannot or will not do." Amelia Earhart was a famous pilot. She was a female aviator, independent, and an excellent flyer. She is a hero because she was gallant, dedicated, and a role model for other women and pilots.                                                 


Amelia was an independent woman. She had been independent because her father did not support her family so she had to do things on her own. Her dad also didn't support her decision of being a pilot, because he had a fear of heights. So she had only her mother's support. And after her 10 minute flight, her father's opinion didn't matter. Right then she knew this was the perfect career. Besides being independent, she was also gallant and dedicated.


Amelia Earhart is a hero to many because she was gallant and determined. When she was flying, in the 1920s-1930s,  it was mostly men piloting all the planes. This was because men were believed to be more capable in piloting than women. So, she did things that supposedly only men could do. Amelia said, "Please know I am quite aware of the hazards. I want to do it because I want to do it. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be a challenge to others." This proves Amelia is determined because she knew there would be many risks in flying, but she flew anyways. She says she wants to do it because she wants to do it, meaning she doesn't want to do it because everyone tells her to, but because Amelia herself wants to do it. Amelia Earhart wasn't just determined, she also showed gallantry. The text says, "President Herbert Hoover presented Earhart with the prestigious Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery after crossing the Atlantic solo, flying from Newfoundland to Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Struggling with bad weather and mechanical problems during her flight..." (Roberts 2013) This shows she's gallant because even when she was having problems, she was brave and she managed to land safely. In conclusion, Amelia was gallant and dedicated because she was brave and because she was willing to face the risks of flying.


Amelia Earhart had the effect of more women wanting to fly and pilots looking up to her. She was the first person to fly from Hawaii to the mainland of USA. Amelia Earhart was the first female to win the Distinguished Flying Cross (An award for heroism or achievement while flying). In 1923, Amelia became the first women to receive a flying license from the NAA (National Aeronautic Association) . Amelia was the first women to fly as a passenger across the Atlantic ocean. And in 1932 she became the first women to ever fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo. Amelia's finally journey was a trip around the whole world, but her plane went missing  somewhere and hasn't been found to this day. Many people blame the Bermuda Triangle for Amelia's plane going missing, but no one can be sure. Amelia's plane may have faded away but her legacy never will.


Amelia Earhart is a hero because she is influential, dedicated, and gallant. She influenced other female pilots and her memory helps pilots. She is dedicated and gallant because she will do just about anything that involves flying and she has no fear. Amelia Earhart proved many people wrong about women when she achieved things no other women had done before.

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