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Amelia Earhart

by Gabriela from Laguna Beach

Amelia Earhart (Gabriela)
Amelia Earhart (Gabriela)

Many people set out to change the world, but only a few of them succeed and make an impact on others. My hero is Amelia Earhart. Amelia was born in Atchison, Kansas in July 24, 1897. She was a record-breaking airplane pilot. She accomplished many goals in her career as a pilot. Amelia Earhart is important to me because just like she chased her dreams, I will chase mine.

One of Amelia's special qualities is that she was very persistent. When Amelia went to her first airshow she got the idea that she wanted to go flying. She was very persistent because she kept trying and practicing to learn how to fly a plane. Also, on March 20, 1937, Amelia crashed in a bad takeoff. However she showed persistence by trying again and not giving up. I think That Amelia was very brave to take such dangerous risks.

Every hero needs courage; this was a feature that Amelia already had. She demonstrated this quality by not caring what others thought of her. She didn't care that flying was "for men". She never got mad at people who laughed at her for trying to fly. She wouldn't let the opinions of others crush her dreams. Amelia showed tremendous amounts of courage by taking risky goals. Many people knew that flying was very dangerous and they admired Amelia because she was not afraid. Now I am much more confident in myself because Amelia proved to me that you shouldn't care what others think.

I think Amelia's most important quality is that she was a leader. In 1929 she was elected an official for National Aeronautic Association. She was also elected president of the Ninety Nines a woman's aviation club. A leader is someone who you look up to and follow; Amelia was one of those people.

Only a few special heroes accomplish so much during their lives. A hero to me is someone who makes an impact on someone's life. For me that person is Amelia Earhart. Who inspires you to follow your dreams?

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