Anne Frank

by Ana from Tampico

The future is yours

My name is Ana Lourdes Rincon and I chose Anne Frank to be my hero because she survived for awhile during World War II, hiding on a little room.

Anne Frank was born is Frankfurt on June 12, 1929. When she was 4 years old she moved to Amsterdam. When she turned thirteen she received a diary that she called Kitty. Kitty became to her new best friend, because she told her everything. Anne was very disappointed because Nazis arrived to Amsterdam and started doing anti-Jewish rules. Anne’s family were Jewish.

When the World War II started, some friends of her father were hiding in a office. After 2 years of hiding the Nazis found them. They were sent to a concentration camp. Otto Frank, Anne’s father, escaped. Anne died 2 weeks after they were freed.

For me she is a hero because she spent 2 years hiding in a room with at least 10 persons. And all she did was reading and writing. She also survived most of the war until she died in a concentration camp named: Bergen- Belsen.

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