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Anne Frank

by Spencer, Emma and Lauren from Cincinnati

Anne Frank is my hero because of how brave she was at such a young age. A hero isn't always someone special. She was just one of the 6 million Jewish people killed by Hitler. So why do we remember her? She stood up for what she believed in and never gave up hope.

Anne Frank was born in Frankfort Germany, 1929. When she was 4 her whole family moved to the Netherlands to escape Hitler’s harsh laws. That didn't last for long because Germany invaded the Netherlands on May 10, 1940. The family went into hiding two years later. Anne got a diary for her 13th birthday. In 1944 her family was found and arrested. Then they were sent to a concentration camp. Anne died in that concentration camp of typhus. We will always know her story because her dad published her diary. The first 1,500 copies of Anne's diary were published in Amsterdam. It told the cruel story of her life and what it was like to be in hiding.

Anne Frank
Anne Frank

Anne Frank was an amazing person. She was the bravest person I have known of. Anne Frank and her family were in hiding for two years, she barely even saw the sun, or outside because she was in hiding for so long. While Anne and her family were in hiding the Nazis found them. The Nazis forced Anne's whole family into a concentration camp; they took them there because they were Jewish. When Anne was at camp she never lost hope, never gave up and never stopped believing.

Anne Frank wasn't just a normal girl, she was a hero to all. She always looked on the bright side of things and never gave up no matter how bad things were. Anne's entire family was arrested and taken away to a concentration camp when she was just a little girl. Anne Frank never gave up courage or hope that they would escape to freedom.

In conclusion, Anne Frank wasn't just your ordinary girl. She was a determined, brave, and courageous young lady who never gave up hope. Anne stood up for what she believed in and she wouldn't let anything get in the way of her happiness.

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