Anne Frank

by Rachel from Illinois, USA

My hero is Anne Frank, because she was positive, hopeful, and patient. She is my hero because she has gone through so much in her life and still believed that she could go through it. Unfortunately she died but it's her legacy that lives on and that is why she is my hero.

The reasons that she was positive was because she always thought about the good things, she thought that everyone had some good in their heart, and that everything wasn't so bad after all. I think that it's good to look on the bright side because it helps you be a happier person and live a happier life. The reasons she was hopeful was because she always hoped that things would get better and that she would be free. She also hoped that she would live and get through it. The reasons that she was patient were that she had to stay in one small place for almost three years without getting out once. She also had to be with the same people all the time and she had to stay still for hours when people were around.

In conclusion, Anne Frank is my hero because she is someone that I think has lived through a lot but died at a pretty young age. She is an example of a person that sees the good in people when no one else does, the one person who believes that everything will be ok and the one that believes in herself and the one person that has more patience than anyone else. That is why she is my hero.

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