Al Gore

by Patrick from Lafayette Hill

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Al Gore (

"During my service in the U.S. Congress, I took the initiative to create the internet" is a famous quote from my hero, Al Gore. He is a very in intelligent, passionate, and courageous person.

Al Gore is an intelligent person because he had a very successful political career by being the 45th Vice President for Bill Clinton in 1993. He is also an author of "An Inconvenient Truth".

Al Gore is a courageous person because he speaks about what he thinks is right. He thinks the whole Arctic Circle will melt and animals will die if we don't stop littering, dumping trash in oceans, and using so much electricity.

Al Gore is a passionate person because he never gives up fighting for what he thinks is right. Last year in 2007 he was The Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work to try to stop the greenhouse effect.

Al Gore is helping the world right now. Hopefully people follow his words and help the world too.

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