Abigail Grace

by Kelsey from Fresno

"You are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem and Smarter than you think" - Christopher Robin

July 7,2011. A day that the Needham family will never forget. This day is almost as important as a birthday. This was the day that Duncan and Theresa Needham found out that their youngest daughter Abigail Grace was diagnosed with Metastatic Pineoblastom. This is a rare type of a brain tumor. Within the few years she has been she has been through several different treatment and has had no real success. She is a fighter and has no intention of saying "I give up!"

Abigail, Abby for short is a five year old who has been fighting cancer for about two years. She is a beautiful child who is full of spunk, joy, love and laughter. She loves to sing, dance, and smile. Abby loves Disney especially the princesses, because she is a princess just like the ones at Disneyland! Like any other girl her favorite color is RAINBOW. Abby shines like one too! She is always the one to make people smile after a storm. Abby is a little girl who is as delicate as a china doll but fights like a warrior.

Abby is my hero because she is a fighter, she has determination like no other, she is courageous and strong. When I hear her story I want to be a better person to have the courage like her. I want to have the willingness to go on like her but, most of all I want to have the strength she has. This five year old has more strength than anybody else I know. She is fighting the worst enemy anyone has ever known and she has yet to give up and yet to say she quits! In this fairy-tale story this princess is fighting the dragon!

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