Abraham Lincoln

by Caitlin from Palmer

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President ( ())
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President ( ())

Everyone has a person they look up to, they look at for advice, I do this with my hero. Everyone has a person who has inspired them, saved them, or helped them. My hero has done all of this. He is Abraham Lincoln. As the sixteenth president of the United States, Lincoln did many great things. He was a leader, and a good man. Known as "Honest Abe" Good Lincoln did his best for what he believed was right, and that makes him my hero.

Since I am Half-Black, Abraham Lincoln leading the United States successfully through the Civil War and being a major supporter of the 13th amendment is very important to me. Lincoln supporting this amendment was a big reason it was successful. The fact that if Abraham Lincoln was not a major supporter of the 13th amendment and it was not successful I would not exist, because my parents would have never been able to have met, makes me eternally grateful for him.

Lincoln as a teenager  ( ())
Lincoln as a teenager ( ())

That is not all that makes Lincoln a hero. Abraham Lincoln was born into a simple life in a log cabin where he chopped wood, learned to wrestle, and did chores. He died a president. There's quite a difference between his old life and his life as president, being elected was quite the accomplishment. Him advancing from a poor simple life to a married president perfectly embodies the American dream; to be successful in life, be able to afford nice things, and have a family.

It's not just Lincoln's amazing ability to write wise speeches which define what America stands for such as the "Emancipation Proclamation" or the "Gettysburg Address" it's also his strength to carry-on despite the hate people showed him for stating his beliefs. During his presidency Abraham Lincoln experienced harassment and death threats but remained strong the whole time. Lincoln was very presidential and wise and showed maturity which inspires me to stay strong and have faith in what I believe in, just as Abraham Lincoln did.

Abraham Lincoln did good by standing up for what he believed in, he continued to accomplish great things and stayed faithful up until his assassination on April 15, 1865 at the age of fifty-six. Abraham Lincoln's strength, character, faith, knowledge and, wisdom has and will continue to inspire people for hundreds of years to come, as it did me.

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