Ahmet Lokurlu

by Cassidy, Caroline, Pete, and Lawrence from Seattle

Solitem's Product (Google Images)
Solitem's Product (Google Images)

Ahmet Lokurlu is a native Turkish man who found out the value of a shadow. After acquiring a horrible sunburn on a 1993 vacation, the engineer decided to find a way to turn the burning heat of the sun into soothing coolness.

Another Solitem Product (Google Images)
Another Solitem Product (Google Images)

Ahmet’s Achievements:
Ahmet founded an Aechen-based company called Solitem that manufactures emission-free solar cooling systems. Solitem provides climate control for many hotels and hospitals throughout the Mediterranean.

Solitem's Logo (Solitem's Website (see bibliography))
Solitem's Logo (Solitem's Website (see bibliography))

“Reflective parabolic troughs” are placed on the roofs of buildings to catch the radiation of the sun. The appliance produces 356° F water which then is turned into steam. The steam powers an absorption chiller. It is a refrigeration system that uses heat instead of energy.

What he does:

Ahmet Lokurlu is currently making his technologies more affordable. “We want to make it affordable for people in those regions of the world where environmentally friendly cooling devices are needed most…”

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