Young Heroes

Alexandra Scott

by Divya from Nanjing

Alexandra Scott (image633360.jap)
Alexandra Scott (image633360.jap)

Alexandra Scott was born on 1996 Jan 18 Pennsylvania, and died on Aug 1,2004 when she was eight years old.

She was the second child of four children. They called her Alex for her nickname. Alexandra Scott mother’s name was Liz Scott and her father’s name was Jay Scott.

Alexandra’s goal was to reach 1 million dollars to find a cure for cancer but before she could reach the goal she died because of cancer. Her parents kept her goal going and they finally raised 1 million dollars. It is a shame that they could not find a cure for cancer!

Alexandra Scott showed bravery and she never gave up. She influenced many people with bravery and now many people are opening lemonade stands to raise money for cancer. The lemonade stands are now world wide.

Alexandre is Caring, Risk Taker and Confident. She is caring because she thinks of others before herself by giving money to the poor people and raising money for other kinds of sickness. She is a Risk Taker because she does not give up and tries new things such as trying swimming even if she does not like it and tries different kinds of food. She is Confident because she is always ready to do anything like help others.

I want to be more like Alexandra and I will never give up and will be Confident and take care of each other and other people.

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