Alexandra Scott

by Julia

Fighting childhood cup at a time
Alex Scott
Alex Scott

Alexandra Scott was born in January, 1996. A year later, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of pediatric cancer in 1997. She is a true hero because she made a difference. When Alex was 4 years old, she started her own lemonade stand. The money she raised from the lemonade was donated to raise money for childhood cancer research. Alex raised over thousands of dollars, and has helped many children suffering from this terrible disease. Her stand is now known as Alex's Lemonade Stand. Sadly, Alex lost the battle peacefully between her and cancer on August 1,2004 when she was eight years old.

Alex Scott
Alex Scott

Alex is a hero to me because she put others first. She helped raise thousands of dollars for other children around the world. Many children are now following her lead and doing their own lemonade stands! If you would like to make a difference like Alex did, visit the website below.

Alex's Lemonade Stand
Alex's Lemonade Stand

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