Anne Shirley

by Maria from Agat, Guam

"Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it."
Anne Shirley
Anne Shirley

My hero is a fictional character made up by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Anne Shirley lived during the 1940s as a teacher and a romantic writer, at Green Gables on Prince Edward Island.

Anne's parents died when she was a baby, and then she became accidentally, but permanently, adopted when she was eleven. She was often lonely, so to amuse herself, Anne would read novels that were written by authors like Shakespeare and Thoreau. If her books were taken away, Anne would exercise her imagination on everything that surrounded her.

Lucy Maud Montgomery <br>(
Lucy Maud Montgomery

She could talk endlessly, but it was interesting of what she'd talk about. Anne would be very creative, making things seem more important and wonderful than they really were. And when she apologized she was completely sincere. Anne was actually quite an actress, but she would write those abilities in her romantic stories.

I liked Anne because she knew when to speak her mind. She never panicked in any situation, and she was never intimidated by anyone who picked on her. She had enough pride to stand up tall, and she had enough courage to gain respect.

Before I heard of Anne Shirley, I would be very quiet. I kept a lot to myself during my middle school years. It was just very hard for me to be myself, and then Anne Shirley appeared in my life. I noted how she talked and faced undermining situations. She was herself and she didn't care if anyone made fun of her. And if they did she'd walk right up to them and well, gain their respect. I was awed and long story short, my life changed. I was able to look at life in a new way. I may be a little quiet, but I'm at a farther distance than from where I was situated.

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