Alayna Souders

by Katarina from Richmond

Alayna Souders was born on October 21, 2003 to her parents, Angela and Michael Souders.. For her first few years, she lived in Beaverdam, Virginia, but moved to Chesterfield, Virginia when she was four years old. She was home schooled for most of kindergarten, but went into public school later in the year. As a kid she moved to several different schools but easily made new friends. When she was about eight years old her dad wrote the song "Thank You Soldiers" and it soon reached over two million views. The local middle school sings it every Veterans Day. She is currently thirteen years old and in the seventh grade. She has three siblings; Madelyn Souders (who is 17 years old), Calvin Souders (who is 15 years old), and Joshua Souders (who is 18 years old). She enjoys singing, cheer leading, piano, dance, contortion, and musical theater.

So why is Alayna Souders a hero? Alayna Souders is a hero because she always pushes herself to be the best person she can possibly be. She betters the world around you by always encouraging other people and always tries to make me do my best. Even if she can't do anymore, she will keep pushing me. She has lasting effects on everyone because if they are ever feeling upset they can just look back on how Alayna encouraged them, and it could make them feel better. If Alayna didn't always encourage people and encourage herself, a lot of people wouldn't live up to their full potential.

I chose Alayna because of how much she has personally inspired me. I chose her out of everyone else since I know her in real life. If you actually get to know someone, it makes them seem like more of a hero. Alayna both had a direct effect on my life and on other people. She inspires me directly, but also does it to the people around her. Alayna would be a good influence to children because they won't give up when things get too hard because they will know that Alayna won't. Alayna is courageous. Alayna is my hero.

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