Angels Heroes

Audrey Young

by Mendez from Summit

To me, a hero is a person who cares more about the well-being of others rather than themselves. They have to be willing to make other people's lives better. Heroes have to be selfless, responsible, and strong. These as well as many others are the characteristics that my grandma and all other heroes have or should have. In the following essay, I will help you understand why my grandma is a hero and maybe it'll help you realize a hero in your life.

One reason why my grandma is my hero is because she was selfless. Like many other families that lived on Barbicon Road in Kingston, Jamaica, money was scarce. When my grandma made money, she could have easily spent it on herself, on the things she wanted but instead, she spent it amongst her her five children. If they needed something she spent it in them. Another way that my grandma exhibited selflessness was by giving her children all of the food she had. My dad tells me of multiple occasions of when Grandma didn't eat so that he and his siblings could. I believe these are a few of the reasons why my grandma was a selfless hero.

The next characteristic of a hero that my grandma had is responsibility. I know she was responsible because she was responsible for the actions of her children. My dad tells me many stories of multiple times when he and my aunts and uncles got into a lot of trouble due to their actions and she took the grief for it. Grandma also displayed responsibility by teaching her children the way to live. She taught them to have respect for their elders, manners, and respect for themselves. I know she was responsible.

Finally, my grandma was strong. I could go on forever explaining to you how she was strong but I will try to sum it down to a few major points. For starters, she single handedly raised five children. People have trouble raising one child with a spouse, but she managed to raise five alone. Secondly, Grandma was strong because she had to go through something no parent should ever have to go through, the death of one of her children. I don't know much about my late aunt since I was little when she died and I never got to meet her but I know that my Grandma loved her as much as any of her other children. Lastly, Grandma illustrated great strength because she had many surgeries and every time my family visited her after each one she didn't show us her pain. I know it was there now but when I was younger, I didn't see a trace of it. My grandma was a very strong woman.

As you can see, my grandma is my hero. The reasons why I admire her heroism are because she was an amazing selfless, responsible and strong woman. She may not be here for me to read this tribute face to face but I know she's looking down from heaven and reading from my heart. My hero didn't run into a burning building, she exhibited amazing characteristics and that's why I love and admire my hero, Grandma. 

                                                                                        In Loving Memory Of:
                                                                                            Audrey Young 

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