Al Gene G. Aldon

by Angelica Ann from Binalbagan

My hero is a simple person. He is my classmate. He is my source of laughter and my crying shoulder. He always assures everything is fine with me in everything we do. He always makes me smile when I'm quite sad. Whenever I look at him he makes his face like a funny creature just to make me laugh. When were together I'm always comforted.

One time I told him a problem about my family and he said that I should not give up in any challenges that God might give us, because God will never give us that problem if He, Himself knows that we can't handle it. He made me have strong Faith with God. My friend never dares to say words that can hurt my feelings because he knows that I need love and care which I did not have from my family (because my mother and father are seperated and they can't take care of me because they are both not living with me). He makes me feel that I'm not alone.

I will never forget my friend no matter what, because he made me realize that problems are not the end of my world. What more can a person like me ask for than a friend who's been a hero in my life ?!

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